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BNC Viticulture Contracting understands that large machinery costs during certain times of the growing season, can cause headaches for vineyard owners. We listened to our clients and developed monthly payment options, allowing BNC customers to pay off their machinery costs over six or 12 months, making repayments easy and affordable. 

Packages can be custom developed for your vineyard needs, or charged on  an invoice basis. The perfect solution for investors and vineyard owners wanting to better their cashflow and know the exact monthly cost for the entire year's machinery.
View of a field with fences
Machine being used in the farm
  • Canopy spraying $70/ha
  • Weed spraying $90/ha
  • Trimming $80/ha
  • Leaf plucking $65-$85km
  • Mowing $80/ha
  • Machine harvest $210km
  • Vineyard Management - call for a free quote
Example based on canopy spraying, trimming and plucking for 10ha 2.5m rows 4km/ha vineyard.

Canopy spraying $80/ha = $800 x 10 rounds over the season = $8,000
Trimming $80/ha = $800 x 3 trims = $2,400
Plucking $65km = $260/ha = $2,600

TOTAL = $13,000 annual

Repayments - 6months = $2,166.66 per month
Repayments - 12months = $1,083.33 per month

*All prices exclude GST (15%)
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